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frequently asked questions.

Thank you for coming by this little corner of the web. Melanie is always humbled by people's interest in the site and has compiled a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions. If there is anything not answered here that you're dying to know, please reach out via email or social media!


1. how can I contact Melanie?

Great question! Please email Melanie at or via her contact page here. You can also tweet her or say hello on Instagram at @melaniesutra.

2. where have I seen her before?

Melanie has been featured on The TODAY Show, New York Live, AOL, YHM Magazine, Crossroads Trading Co., and more! 

3. how did she get started in hosting and acting?

Melanie has always loved the feeling of really connecting with people, whether that was in one-on-one conversations or in front of a camera. By the time she got to college, she knew that diving into Broadcast Communications and Theatre Arts was what she really wanted. After blogging for several years, she felt that there was really something missing - that connection with people on a more intimate level. She had been working on a bunch of different hosting and acting projects, and combining them all together made sense.

4. I just started a blog. any tips?

Her biggest tip is to find what makes you different and what makes you feel the most passionate. What do you love the most? What do you find yourself doing when you're not at work? 

5. does Melanie work with sponsors and advertisers? what’s her policy on working with brands?

Yes! Melanie is extremely selective about the brands she works with and only collaborates with brands that are a natural fit. Unless content is marked as a “sponsored” post, she is not compensated by any of the companies featured on Melanie only accepts gifted products from brands she loves and would purchase on her own. If she is interested in working with you or your brand, she will get back to you within 48 hours.

Melanie also partners with several affiliate programs, meaning that commission can be earned from purchases or clicks by those who visit this site and on any of her social media platforms. All views expressed on are her own.

6. may I use Melanie's photos on my site?

Absolutely!  Just please link back. 

7. who takes the photos on the site?

The majority of the photos featured on are taken by the talented Joe Loper.

8. why did you decide to change your blog name?

Re-branding from Lace and Combat Boots to Melanie Sutrathada several years ago felt like a natural transition because it no longer felt like a good match. It was time for an upgrade! LACB started as a very casual hobby and slowly but surely evolved into an online destination for the modern woman. 


9. what are Melanie's favorite spots to visit in NYC?

  • Artichoke Pizza

  • Burger 1 NY

  • Chelsea Market
  • City Bakery
  • Crossroads Trading Co.
  • Housing Works
  • Koffeecake Korner (the nutella milkshake is everything)
  • New York Public Library (42nd and 5th Ave)
  • Prince St. Pizza (the pepperoni slice is amazing)
  • The Highline
  • The Strand (this is a huge must if you love books!)
  • Union Square
  • Vanessa's Dumplings
  • Washington Square Park

10. what are her favorite stores to shop at? 

Melanie is obsessed with Crossroads Trading Co., Banana Republic, Anthropologie, GAP, ASOS and Old Navy. 

11. where is Melanie from?

The 619, also known as San Diego, CA. The beautiful weather, palm trees and Mexican food have ruined her. It's tough to find that combination of amazing-ness anywhere else in the world! Melanie also lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for four years and now resides in New York City.

12. what did she study in school?

Melanie graduated with a double major in Broadcast Communications and Theatre Arts with a certificate in Creative Video.

13. where was Melanie's favorite place to travel to?

Paris, 100%! The city is so romantic and filled with history. Pretty views and chocolate croissants? Yes, please.

14. how tall is Melanie? what are her sizes? 

Melanie is 5'4. She is almost always wearing a heeled boot or heels though, so she's really close to successfully tricking herself into being taller. It's only a matter of time, right? In terms of sizes, Melanie is usually a small or a 2/4. In jeans, she is a size 27.

15. what does she like to do for fun?

One of Melanie's biggest passions is traveling! She's determined to go to five different cities or countries every year because she believes traveling is one of the most valuable things you can do no matter how young or old you are. Melanie is going to go ahead and also count eating as a hobby, because it really is one of her favorite things to do. When she is not eating, cooking or grocery shopping, Melanie is usually practicing yoga or in a contemporary dance class.