Your Guide to New York This Fall.

Whether you’re a local looking for new ways to rediscover the city, or in town for a week, I've rounded up 11 ways that you can spend the perfect fall day in New York. Thankfully, New York has no shortage of outdoor activities to choose from. Feel free to mix-and-match activities to your heart’s content!

Here are my absolute favorite fall New York activities:

Giant Pumpkin Weekend.

October 21st - October 22nd

Scarecrows and giant pumpkins, oh my! Giant Pumpkin Weekend at the New York Botanical Garden is the place to be at on October 21-22. A bunch of huge pumpkins that will be on display. Have I mentioned that some of the pumpkins weigh over a ton? Say whaaat?!

Apple picking at Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard.

Now until October 29th

Nothing says Fallalalala quite like a fall festival, apple picking, and some good ole fashion pumpkin picking. While the festival is open on the weekend, if you want to beat the crowds, the prime time to go apple or pumpkin picking is on the weekdays.

Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Me: I want to go to the Top of the Rock or the Freedom Tower! Also me: Can we just do free things? Keep it local by taking a breathtaking fall foliage walk through Prospect Park in Brooklyn. If you're looking to go outside of the city, visit the Storm King Art Center, an open-air museum in Mountainville, New York. 

Village Halloween Parade.

October 31

Get ready for some hocus pocus by celebrating the Village Halloween Parade from 7-10:30 pm. If you’re looking to march in the parade, remember that costumes are mandatory for walking. If you forget, no biggie. Spectators can watch the parade from the sidelines.

Go hiking outside of Manhattan.

Between you and me, everyone needs to take a break in from their usual routine in the city at one point or another. The real appeal of leaving the city during the fall? Getting the chance to see all of the nature that New York has to offer. Slip on your hiking boots, and get ready for some outdoor adventures.

Winter Village in Bryant Park.

November 1 - December 24

If you haven’t been to the Winter Village in Bryant Park before, you’re missing out. There’s over 100 cute holiday kiosks, delicious eateries, and an ice-skating rink. It’s a great place to snag the perfect gift for mom or people-watch those on the ice rink (because let’s be real, that is probably what I’ll doing).

Watch Jason Mraz in Waitress.

Begins November 3 for ten weeks

If you’re in love with Jason Mraz’s features on the Waitress soundtrack, you’re in for a big surprise this fall. For ten weeks only, Jason Mraz will be in Waitress as Doctor Pomatter. I kid you not, I’ve probably played “You Matter to Me” and “Bad Idea” at least 50 times each in preparation! Let’s just say, I am all sugar, butter, flour moves on for Jason Mraz to hit Broadway.

New York City Marathon.

November 5th

A marathon that travels through all five boroughs? Count me in… to cheer on the runners from the sidelines. In all seriousness, how cool is it that this marathon course travels throughout all five boroughs? Run, New York, Run!

New York Comedy Festival

November 7 - November 12th

If you were a huge fan of 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan or Parks and Rec’s Nick Offerman you won’t want to miss the New York Comedy Festival!

Volunteer with New York Cares.

Pay it forward this season by volunteering with companies like New York Cares. Whether you want to prep meals for the homeless, help a student prepare for college or save the environment, there’s a multitude of ways that you can volunteer this fall. New York Cares is great in that their times are flexible to work around volunteers’ availability. Too busy on weekdays? No problem! You can sign up for volunteering opportunities like SAT prep or help to plant in the community gardens on the weekends.

Ice skating in Rockefeller Center.

When the ice skating rink at Rockefeller Center is up, you can pretty much expect to wait in a long line at any given time. However, the ice rink is well worth the wait.  You never know - you may even see a proposal on the ice!

What do you plan on doing in New York City during the fall?