Beauty Highlight: Photo Filter-Perfect Makeup.

“Beauty. It's deeply personal, purely individual and surprisingly public. A woman's appearance is an outward reflection of who she really is. Jay Manuel Beauty is about self sourcing your style and finding the path to you." - Jay Manuel

As a host and online personality, it's important to always put your best face forward. I can't even count the number of times I've been called in to a last-minute casting or been unexpectedly pulled on camera for an interview with nothing more than an eyeliner or chapstick in my bag to touch up with! That being said, I've been on the hunt for a beauty regimen that packs a punch and gives Instagram-filter perfect, glowing skin in real life.

Melanie Sutrathada shares her love for Jay Manuel Beauty's Find Your Filter Collection.jpg

The Find Your Filter Collection from Jay Manuel Beauty is exactly what I've been looking for (I mean, just look at my makeup in this photo!) Fashion and beauty expert, Jay Manuel developed this distinctive line of camera-ready beauty based on applying "filter finish” technology to makeup.

From the award-winning miracle working Powder to Cream Foundation to the super Skin Face Lift, the Filter Finish Collection has quickly become the core of the brand. All of the Filter Finish Collection products are formulated with ingredients like micronized silk, crushed gemstones, and diamond dust that mimic the photo-perfect finish that we all love. This collection creates the illusion of filtered flawlessness on all skin types and skin tones with three distinct filters - Soft Focus, Illuminated, and Sunlit. The products refract light, highlight your complexion and create a smooth texture and subtle luster all while conditioning the skin. 

The Soft Focus filter is the most natural of the three, with minimal time and application needed. A swipe of the diamond dust-infused Powder to Cream Foundation and a little of the Photo Illusion Concealer, are all you need to blur your imperfections and create an effortlessly natural look. his filter collection is perfect for moments when you want just a subtle hint of color. When you want to step it up though, it's time to turn to the Illuminated filter.

The Illuminated filter is  absolute go-to when you're n camera because it highlights your best features. It's like taking the Soft Focus filter and turning it up a few notches! A few dabs of the 3D Illuminator powder highlighter on your cupid's bow, the apples of your cheek and the bridge of your nose gives you glow that really stands out. A light dusting of the other products helps to hide those fine lines and wrinkles, so you can shine all day long.

Looking to really turn up the heat? That's when you'll turn to the Sunlit filter. The bronzer in particular is amazing and something you'll be turning to again and again. 

The products are buildable, blendable and ultra-pigmented. These curated kits let you wear your favorite filter in real life for a match made in makeup heave and are made to perfect skin and give you that covetable lit from within glow. Beauty is all about having the right products to leave a lasting impression wherever you go and The Filter Finish Collection is perfect for helping you to accomplish your makeup goals (especially if you're on camera often!)

Let's just say that I'm definitely a #FilterFinishCollection fan. Find your filter with Jay Manuel Beauty today.