Beachy Balayage with David Benjamin.

I recently had my hair colored courtesy of David Benjamin (@davidxxbenjamin on Insta), my new favorite hairstylist at the Chris Chase Salon and have never felt more confident about my hair. David is a creative color and cut specialist with 15 years of experience whose work has been featured in publications like ELLE, InStyle, The New York Post, and Vanity Fair. He's had tons of prominent clients like Maggie Gyllenhaal, Sarah Jessica Parker and Demi Moore, and has styled clients during New York Fashion Week, the TONY Awards and the Grammy Awards.

Having a new stylist touch my hair can be a little daunting as I prefer to go to the same people. However, I was blown away by how kind, welcoming and absolutely hilarious David is. He was so open to listening to what I really wanted and asked all the right questions to make sure that he knew what my vision was. I've seen many a bad balayage and ombre in New York, so I showed David my Pinterest board of balayage inspiration as we walked through the best colors for my hair. He really listened and took my concerns into account and helped me to pick a color that I'm absolutely in love with. We decided on sun-kissed, natural-looking hair with tons of depth - something soft and beachy that would require as little maintenance as possible (because ain't nobody got time for monthly salon visits). David was able to select colors that suited my skin tone and really lightened up my features in a great way and I left his chair feeling like a new person!

I've had my hair colored for about two weeks now and I get stopped on the street almost every other day by woman wanting to know who does my hair and how they can get the same color. Before meeting him, I always envied those girls you'd see on Instagram with the seemingly perfect I woke up like this hair and now, I feel like I've finally found out their secret. Stop by the Chris Chase Salon and ask for David Benjamin today. You'll never want to go to another hairstylist again!

Photos by Guerrilla Photography.