How to Find The Perfect Statement Bag.

It’s not so much the style, it’s what carrying it means.
— Samantha Jones, Sex & the City

Accessories can make or break an outfit and none speak louder than a bold statement bag. A killer bag is a wardrobe staple that can transform your outfit and will be the piece that you turn to whenever you need to really pull together your ensemble in a flash. My favorite statement bag in my wardrobe is the structured Hopic Printz's Mena Satchel bag. It instantly makes any outfit feel polished and sophisticated with its gold-tone hardware and black woven leather. It's my perfect everyday bag that goes with just about everything in my wardrobe.

A statement bag that packs a punch can elevate an outfit easily and will undoubtedly be used over and over again whether you're running errands, heading to work, or having a night on the town with your girls. After all, a decidedly unglamorous bag feels exactly like it sounds - boring, safe and not noticeable.

While most traditional statement bags are created by huge high-end designers like Chanel and Prada, investing in a gorgeous statement bag doesn't have to signal the demise of your bank account! Your perfect arm piece doesn't have to cost a million dollars to look like a million dollars. There are many amazing options at different price points to choose from.

Here are my top five tips for finding your dream statement bag:

1. Figure out the type of bag that fits most with your personality. 

Designers have created dozens of different styles of bags and there's one that suits every woman's style. Does your personal style lean more boho than rocker or ladylike over edgy? You'll want to keep this in mind as you begin your hunt.

2. Take inventory of how much you'll be carrying. 

Clutches are perfect for someone who loves to head out for the day with little more than a bold lipstick, cell phone and a credit card. For someone who has to bring a laptop, extra shoes and everything but the kitchen sink in her bag, a roomy, hobo bag or leather tote may be a better choice. Your bag should be large enough to carry everything you need.

3. Choose a bag that makes sense for your size. 

If you're on the petite side, a huge arm piece that's the size of one of those gigantic blue Ikea bags is going to both overwhelm you and earn you some strange looks while you're walking the concrete catwalk. If you're curvier or have broad shoulders, a teensy bag that only fits a stick of gum may not be the most flattering choice.

4. Aim for a color that you absolutely love. 

You can never go wrong with neutrals like black, grey, or cream, but a bold red makes a huge statement! Skins and metallics are also fresh alternatives that stand out in a crowd.

5. Look for functionality. 

Handbags with tons of pockets will help you stay organized. A bag with small metal studs on the bottom will make a huge difference in protecting your bag when you set it down. A bag with a top handle that also has the option of a shoulder strap gives you extra options when you put together your ensemble and helps on those busy days when you're running around.

What are your favorite tips for finding the perfect statement bag? Are you as in love with this Hopic Printz bag too?

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Photos by Guerrilla Photography.