The Fitness Class You Need to Try in NYC: Holy Water.

I would definitely describe myself as a yogi. Not in the oh-I-can-hold-a-headstand-with-my-legs-raised-overhead-in-a-perfect-split kind of way, but also not in the the-closest-I'll-get-to-savasana-is-my-afternoon-nap alternative. Let's just say that I fall somewhere in between where I love a good vinyasa class but don't get too down on myself if I skip it every once in a while in lieu of happy hour with my girls.

However, sometimes I crave a little more excitement and challenge in my yoga practice. That being said, when I started hearing about the Holy Water class at David Barton's TMPL Gym in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, I jumped at the opportunity to try a new fitness class that combines two of my favorite thing - yoga and water. Sign me up!

Wearing a gorgeous Rachel Roy one piece with a modern silhouette (that made me feel like a sun goddess even indoors), I waded into the pool at the start of class ready for a killer workout. Let's just say that all the hype of the Holy Water class did not disappoint. The class challenges you in the best way, taking core training to the next level and emphasizing high intensity intervals and strength training. 

What makes it different? The Holy Water class has developed a cult-like following because it's a classic workout that's been taken to the water on a floating board. Students slip into a heated saltwater pool and line up on a floating mat called an AquaBase, the world's first floating yoga mat - similar to a stand up paddle board but with a rectangular shape. From there, an instructor leads you in a combination of yoga and strength exercises that engage your core and really kick your butt. Think 45 minutes straight of mountain climbers, warrior poses, downward dog into a standing split and even burpees (yes, really!). If you thought burpees were tough on dry land, they're going to be nearly impossible on the floating board!

However, your abs will definitely thank you the next day and you'll have so much fun with the water war afterwards that you'll leave feeling stronger, more beautiful and ready to take on the world.

Space is limited to 10 people per class and is currently offered twice a week at TMPL. Dive in today and you won't be disappointed!