3 Reasons to Use Dry Shampoo with Eva NYC.

Notice that no one ever says, "Dirty hair, don't care." Why? Because that's so not a thing. Your girl loves clean hair like she loves nutella. And bacon. If we're being really real though, my hair always looks better when it hasn't been washed for at least two or three days. Yes, I wrote at least. Thankfully, dry shampoo exists so we can have the best of both world (Hannah Montana flashbacks anyone?). Yaaaas. That's why I'm partnering with Eva NYC - an amazing Brooklyn-based company with professional styling tools and hair care. Eva NYC is spreading style beyond the New York Metropolitan Area one strand at a time, especially with their Freshen Up Dry Shampoo that recently launched in Ulta Beauty stores and on Ulta.com. This product is the perfect way to hit reset on your second-day hair because dry shampoo cleans without water, absorbs excess oil and keeps hair fresher longer.

Scroll on for three reasons why you should start using dry shampoo today:

1. Dry shampoo refreshes your hair and extends the life of your blowout in between washes.

When it comes to the summer months, your hair can start to pass as a stunt double for John Travolta's circa "Grease" real quick. Even though a little bit of greasy hair never hurt anyone, you're just one product away from bouncy, more refreshed you-can-run-your-fingers-through-it locks. Throw a bottle of dry shampoo into your bag for touch-ups after an epic gym session, before heading out to drinks or after a long flight and you'll be amazed by the results. The vitamin c and fatty acids of Eva NYC's Freshen Up Dry Shampoo enhance shine, nourish and repair. Let's just say it's a win-win.  

Fun fact: dry shampoo also helps to slow color fade extend your hair color! Since normal shampoo leaches dye from your hair, going for longer periods of time between sudsy washes means your hair color will last longer. 

2. Dry shampoo protects your hair from heat damage.

Heat-damaged hair is the new norm. I mean, who doesn't turn to a curling iron to create perfect beach waves or a blowdryer to dry a sopping wet mane? If you’re still reveling from your blowout at the hair salon or love using a flatiron, dry shampoo will be your new knight in shining armor. You’ll use less heat because you won’t need to do your hair so often, and the dry shampoo will extend the look of a blowout so you’ll still look good with third-day hair. Healthier, bouncier hair? Yes, please. 

The natural rice starch of Eva NYC's Freshen Up Dry Shampoo in particular is gentle on your hair and is a great alternative to talc or aluminum. Just shake your can of dry shampoo, hold it 10 to 12 inches away from your scalp and spray lightly onto dry hair for even coverage. Wait for roughly two minutes before using your fingertips to massage the product through your hair and style your mane to your heart's content. It's really that easy and a great way to revitalize your hair without applying any heat. 

3. Dry shampoo helps to give your hair volume and body.

The no 'poo movement is alive and well, but can definitely leave our hair feeling limp and lifeless. Ain't nobody got time for that, so enter dry shampoo. This beauty insider's secret is absolute perfection for keeping your hair looking fresh and bright because it instantly revives dry, sad locks while adding just the right amount of matte texture.

I’m all about creating big, voluminous waves and dry shampoo gives my hair volume and body that is always the life of the party. While I normally focus the product on my roots and ends, it's also great for adding grip where you might be placing bobby pins, especially if you're rocking an updo. Worried the product may leave your hair feeling too rough? Eva NYC's salon formula also contains argan oil, which softens hair and eliminates any potential residue. 

What are your favorite ways to use dry shampoo? Have you tried Eva NYC's Freshen Up Dry Shampoo yet? Shop it here on Ulta.com today!