The Dry Shampoo Hack You Need ASAP.

First, can we acknowledge that dry shampoo runs the world? What did we do before we had these little bottles of heaven to save our way-more-dirty-than-we'd-like-to-admit hair? The number of times that dry shampoo has come to my rescue is both ridiculous and awe-inspiringly impressive.

For those days that you literally can't even, all you need is my favorite little trick to get you up and out of the apartment. Gorgeous blowout hair several days after you've left the salon only requires your favorite dry shampoo, a blowdryer, and a brush!

Here's how to get it:

Spray dry shampoo at least six inches away from your roots and let the product settle for at least a minute before massaging it into your scalp. From there, blast your roots with a little heat from the blowdryer for another 30 seconds and run the brush through your locks.

Why it works:

Adding the heat helps the dry shampoo to really stick to your roots, soak up excess oils (bye, girl) and give you that gorgeous volume blowouts are known for. Running the brush through your mane will help to lightly and evenly distribute the product.

Ready for the three-day old hair of your dreams? Try this dry shampoo hack and let me know what you think!