Best Skincare Tips for a Long Flight.

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From standing in unbearably long security lines to dead-lifting your entirely-too-heavy carry-on into the overhead bin, air travel is already stressful. I haven’t even mentioned the baby that won’t stop crying or the sick passenger who can’t stop sneezing and mouth-breathing right next to you. On top of all that, a long flight can definitely wreak havoc on your skin thanks to the humidity and gross, recycled air in the cabin. We’re talking chapped lips, dry skin, and unexpected spots thanks to the toll flying takes. To look fresh from take-off to touchdown, all it takes is a little preparation though.

These simple airplane beauty tips will have your skin feeling fresh and glowing in no time:

1. Cleanse.

Just like your normal skincare routine, it’s important to start your in-flight beauty routine by cleansing your face and neck by taking your makeup off once you reach cruising altitude. My only exception to this rule is mascara (because mascara makes everything better). Otherwise, off it goes. This is me giving you permission to put away your foundation and powder and enjoy a makeup-less flight instead. Trust me, your skin will be so much better off, especially if you’re on a long flight.

One of my must-have beauty products for cleansing when traveling is a great pack of unscented face wipes. I swear by these ones from Garnier and these babies from Sephora. Wipes make a huge difference and will seriously change your travel game for everything from cleaning your hands post-snack to fixing smudged mascara after you’ve watched 27 Dresses or P.S. I Love You.

2. Moisturize.

I’ve seen my fair share of women in sheet masks in the cabin, and while I don’t think there’s anything necessarily wrong with that level of beauty commitment, I prefer to keep my skin hydrated in a more low-key manner. I mean, I’m extra - but not that extra. At least not right now. A serum, moisturizer with SPF, and hydrating lip balm are all you need.

After you’ve cleansed, apply a super-powered serum with vitamin C and antioxidants to your face and neck. Then lock in all that goodness with a thick layer of a really rich moisturizer with SPF. Why sunscreen? Because you’re exposed to more UV rays when you’re up in the air because you’re about 20,000 feet closer to the ozone layer. Even if the plastic shade is down, UV light and UVB rays can still get through. Last but not least, apply your favorite lip balm instead of a drying lipstick to protect your lips from dehydration and keep them smooth all flight long.


If you arrive at departures and feel crappy, it’s likely because of how dehydrating flying can be. That’s why it’s so important to stay hydrated on the outside and inside during air-travel. Bring a refillable water bottle and fill it up once you pass security. Keep sipping throughout your flight and reach for water-packed fruits, veggies, and yogurt. Your skin will thank you.

That’s it! Keeping your skin bright and clear is as easy as cleansing, moisturizing and drinking water. What are your favorite tips for glowing skin while you’re on a long flight?

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