The Key to Being a #GirlBoss with Always Infinity.

Calling all fellow #girlbosses. I know you’re out there killin’ it, hustlin’, kicking butt, and taking names - all the good stuff - and I want to acknowledge the fact that you’re workin’ it. I’m seeing so many amazing women taking on phenomenal new side hustles, building their businesses, and blazing the trail for other women. They’re not taking “no” for an answer and certainly aren’t waiting for anyone to invite them to the table. They’re finding the wood, chopping it up, and building the table themselves. It’s straight up magic. The amount of confidence it takes to follow your dreams and be a total #girlboss is out of this world. That’s why I’m partnering with one of my fave brands, Always, to share my story and let you in on the key to embracing your inner #girlboss.  

As my life is changing (and as yours most definitely is or will too), Always is helping me #ShapeMyInfinity, so I can focus on what’s next. After all, with so many other elements of our lives moving to the next level, it’s about time our period protection get an upgrade too. More on this later, gorgeous.

First, let’s start (somewhat) at the beginning, shall we? Even though I moved to New York over five years ago to be an actor, I didn’t really tell anyone I met in the city about my dreams to be on television or let anyone in on how much I wanted to be in commercials. Queue the scratching record. I mean, I did tell people about what I wanted to do when I first moved. I had moved across the country for it after all! I was young(er) and thought I would find an agent, live my best life, and be booking all of the gigs within a month. Let’s just say that I was in for a rude awakening. I decided to go back into marketing and social media because my hopes and dreams weren’t paying the bills (understatement of the year). At first, I told the hiring teams that I was an actor so they wouldn’t be surprised if I left to go to an audition on my lunch break or if I needed someone to cover me if I booked a gig. I stopped though when I found that I continuously got passed up for jobs that I was more than qualified for, looked over for promotions that I definitely earned, and wasn’t taken seriously by my supervisors even though I was pulling long hours day after day. It sucked. I was working jobs I didn’t love for people who couldn’t see outside of the cubicle or the 9-5. I was building someone else’s dream instead of my own!

Just over a year ago though, I finally built up the confidence to leave the corporate world and I jumped into the waters of being my own boss as a full-time actor, host, and blogger. I’ve got to say - it felt good. Finish-a-half-marathon-and-double-fist-slices-of-pizza-afterward good. Backpack-across-Europe good. Heck, win-a free-trip-to-Hawaii good (I haven’t had this happen to me yet, but here’s hoping!) Funny enough, I’ve never talked about leaving the office life even though I took the big leap of faith well over a year ago. I guess I was afraid that if I really talked about it, someone (I don’t know who, but the ominous figure in my mind seemed pretty scary and felt a little like a dementor from Harry Potter) would figure out that I was a fraud or that maybe I wasn’t good enough to be my own boss. Surprise, surprise - that lack of confidence in my own abilities didn’t do me any favors. If anything, it held me back from saying “yes, please” to some amazing opportunities that I wanted more than Tom Hanks wanted to be off the island in “Cast Away.” So here’s me saying, “no, thank you” to self-doubt and self-sabotage. Bye, Felicia. You can take all of your mind trash and those questionable shoe choices with you. 

One of the absolute highlights of deciding to work for myself has been partnering with phenomenal brands like Always, a company that honest-to-goodness believes in the power and strength of women. Fun fact: Always has partnered with over 30 organizations that serve girls in need around the world, including Save The Children & UN Women. In the past 10 years, their programs have reached over 45 countries and delivered over 70 million pads to girls who need them most. Always knows that we’ve all got a lot on our plates and works to make sure that period protection is the least of our worries. When I started this new chapter of my life and decided to take the next big step, Always Infinity (the world’s first foam pad!) in particular gave me so much confidence that this one area of my life (period protection, of course) would be completely covered. As an entrepreneur, that’s exactly what I needed. 

Melanie Sutrathada shares her secret to being a girlboss..jpg
Melanie Sutrathada shares her secret to being a girlboss with Always.jpg

So many of us are in the process of making big changes like starting our own businesses or going back to school, and it’s super important to be able to tackle the next chapter of our lives without having to worry about the little things. That’s where Always comes in. I’m thrilled to partner with Always to help spread the word on why Always Infinity works. Always Infinity provides a Zero Feel experience made possible by its one-of-a-kind FlexFoam™ core. Ultra-light and form-fitting FlexFoam™ material molds to your body, so you'll barely feel it. It feels like nothing but protects like nothing else, so you can really go out and crush your day. Not only that, but Always’ most absorbent thin pad absorbs 10X its weight™! Having Always Infinity tucked away in my purse is such a relief on my busy days because I know I can focus less on protection and more on giving it my all in an audition or a long rehearsal. Whether I’m running to catch my train or starting a 14-hour day on set, the confidence that I’ve got everything taken care of (both big and small), means the world to me. After all, you want to feel like a million bucks in that fabulous white dress no matter what time of the month it is and also feel confident enough to not check your backside out every hour (unless you’re just that proud of all those squats you’ve been doing).

Since saying buh-bye to office politics and business-casual slacks (except occasionally on sets), I’ve backpacked through Europe, been featured in campaigns that had millions of views, eaten a whole lot of seafood for lunch that would have made my co-workers hate me (never, ever heat up seafood in the office microwave for the love of all that is good and right in the world), and accomplished so many more things that never even seemed possible beforehand. And well, none of it would have been possible if I hadn’t had the confidence to step out into the world unapologetic about who I am. With amazing products like Always Infinity by my side, I can finally focus on fearlessly pursuing what I love!

So, let’s talk about the title of this blog post before I officially sign off. The key to being a girl boss is what you came here for, right? Well, I could say it’s women supporting women (true) or knowing that Always Infinity has always got you covered (also true), but I think I’ll take confidence for 500, Alex. Why? Because at the end of the day, confidence comes from feeling like nothing can hold you back. That being said (or written), go on with your bad self, girl! I’ll be in your corner cheering you on (most likely with a purse full of Always Infinity and a slice of pizza in hand).

Now that you’ve heard my story, I want to hear yours. Share what life changes you’re experiencing, big or small, and tag #ShapeMyInfinity for a chance to win a year’s supply of Always Infinity!