Weekly Weakness: Harry Potter at Torrid.

Hogwarts Express Crossbody // Black Crisscross Cami // Charm Watch // Marauder's Map Graphic Hoodie // Hufflepuff Suspender Skirt

Icons Print Sports Bra // Ravenclaw Suspender Skirt // Embroidered Mesh Romper //  I Solemnly Swear Beanie // Earrings Set 

There are some things that will live forever and the entire Harry Potter series is definitely one of them. That's why I totally flipped out when Torrid launched another magical new Harry Potter collection that's available both online and in stores. From rompers and sweatshirts to snitch earrings and house charm watches, you're going to love these wizard-themed items!  Whether or not you wear a size 10 to size 30 (Torrid focuses on plus-size fashion), there are still tons of options for women of all sizes.

Some of my favorite pieces out of the 22 offered in Torrid's latest collection? A beanie printed with, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," that would be perfect for lounging around in the common room or taking a breather in Hogsmeade. There are also sweaters that have a pocket to hold your wand - exactly what you need for when you go see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway (totally amazing and a must-see, by the way). You can't forget about the adorable Hogwarts Express cross body that let's everyone know exactly what school's team you're on. With everything in the collection priced between $20 and $108, it's definitely time to stock up on your Harry Potter gear. Accio wallet! Go ahead and take all of my galleons!