20 Things to Do in NYC This Fall.

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There really is nothing like fall in New York City. It's one of the most beautiful times of the year when you can enjoy cooler weather, break out the sweaters, and be as ‘basic’ as you want until the winter holidays are over. What a time! If you’re looking to fill every moment with autumny-goodness like I am, here’s a list of 20 things you can do this fall in NYC!

  1. Hit up the Union Square Farmers Market for apples and fall pastries! I'll be honest, my summer body wasn't on point this year, but my autumn sweater body is so ready for all the carbs.
  2. Stroll through Central Park’s red, orange, and yellow beauty in your new sweater, with coffee in hand.
  3. All our caffeine addicts, this one’s for you! Attend the New York Coffee Festival October 12-14th! 
  4. Head over to Brooklyn Brewery for pumpkin and other fall-inspired beer flavors.
  5. Strut through the streets in your finest fall style during New York Fashion Week. Keep your eyes open for your favorite Fashion bloggers!
  6. Get your culture on and visit seasonal museum exhibits at the MoMA and the Met.
  7. Be a little kid again at Queen’s County Farm Museum. Come home with the perfect pumpkin, or don’t come home at all ;)
  8. Pop open a bottle of wine (or a few) and host a pumpkin carving pregame before a night out! Best pumpkin wins free drinks out that night.
  9. Grab Maple Lattes at Culture Espresso on a Sunday afternoon with a close friend.
  10. Take a baking class! Show your family at Thanksgiving how much you have your life together by whipping out the best dessert that table’s ever seen.
  11. Go to Open House New York. See some of the hidden gems of NYC October 12-14th!
  12. Throw on your team’s colors and attend a live sporting event!
  13. Take a break from the city and ride a bike around Governor’s Island for an afternoon.
  14. Class it up with hot tea and pumpkin scones at Alice’s Tea Cup!
  15. They say that summer bodies are made in the winter… Good thing it’s not winter yet. Attend the NYC Wine and Food Festival October 15-18th!
  16. Get a move on - Run off all those scones and Pumpkin Spice Lattes in the NYC Marathon, hosted on October 20th this year!
  17. Feast your eyes on even more fall colors at the New York Botanical Garden!
  18. Celebrate Oktoberfest. Munich may be 4,000 miles away, but that doesn’t mean the fun is too! Gather in Central Park or under the Manhattan bridge for some bier and lederhosen shenanigans. 
  19. Go to the Color Factory! An interactive, and colorful, art exhibit that is in town till the end of September that will blow your Instagram feed out of the water! Not to mention, snacks are included.
  20. Because ‘adulting’ isn’t scary enough...Test your (or your date’s) bravery at one of NYC’s haunted houses! 

No matter how you like to spend the time you’re not in the office, enjoy warming up next to friends and loved ones and making the most of these shorter days! Make time to do your favorite things, and treat yourself to a new Fall candle while you’re at it! 

Melanie Sutrathada shares her top 20 things to do in New York this fall..jpg
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