7 Reasons to Visit Charleston, South Carolina.

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Need an easy getaway? If you want to stay in the United States for a trip, you’ll definitely want to put Charleston, South Carolina on your list of places to visit. Charleston has been gaining a lot of tourist popularity and as it turns out, there’s good reason for it.

Keep reading for seven reasons to visit Charleston, South Carolina. You’ll be ready to book your trip by the end (if you’re not already!). 

The Food.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to travel somewhere with bad food. If most of us are really honest, good food is a driving force for us to travel different places. Sound familiar? Well, the good news is Charleston doesn’t lack in the food department. Like…at all. In fact, they’ve got an incredible food selection to choose from. Charleston is filled with plenty of restaurants and low country style food. 

Dreamy Weather, even in November.

Charleston is in South Carolina which means it’s got that Southern weather that’s dreamy for a large part of the year. Yes, even throughout most of the winter time. This means no matter what time of year you plan a trip to Charleston you can expect to spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors and all the outdoor activities. If you live somewhere with bad weather you know how great this is. 

Second Sundays on King Street.

King Street is the popular street to shop, walk and eat along in downtown Charleston. It’s filled with incredible restaurants, local boutiques and so much more. Truthfully you are going to want to make at LEAST one stop to King Street when you travel to Charleston. However, if you can plan your trip around their second Sunday events it’ll be even better. Every second Sunday of the month the city shuts down the street to cars so pedestrians can walk freely around the street to enjoy local vendors who come out and line the street for the day. 

Entertainment is Everywhere.

While King Street is entertainment in itself, Charleston has entertainment in plenty of other forms and places around the city. It’s easy to find live music and festivals, among other entertainment as you walk the streets of Charleston. 

Clean Beaches.

Many people forget Charleston isn’t just a big city, it’s also a beach city. It’s located right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean which means there are a ton of beaches. The beaches are easy to get to from downtown Charleston, whether you get a rental car or not. And don’t worry the beaches are clean and gorgeous so you can actually enjoy the beachfront land. 

There’s a Ton of History.

It’s not secret the south is known for being home to a lot of American history. Charleston is no exception to this. There are plantations, gardens, museums and more that all hold major parts of American history. It’s a city that’s proud of its history so it’s easy to find and appreciate. Even if you’re not a history buff it’s fun to see at least once in your lifetime. Who knows, you may remember some of the history you learned in school. 

Free Activities are Plentiful. 

Want to vacation on a budget? Charleston is a city that’s filled with free activities. Yes, I said free. It’s not often we hear of ANYTHING free anymore but in Charleston they don’t hold out on the free stuff. You won’t find it difficult to stumble upon free activities to enjoy around the city. All you need to do is take a walk around a part of the city and you will probably run into SOMETHING.