Best Cardio Dance Workouts in NYC.

Melanie Sutrathada shares the best cardio workouts in NYC.jpg

Swimsuit season is on the horizon. Pause for panic attack. I know, I know - the thought of being in a bikini isn’t something most of us jump for joy about. In an effort to enjoy summer a little more this year though, I’ve been trying different workout classes all over New York City in preparation for the higher temperatures. One of my favorite things about workout classes? Having someone there to tell you what to do. I mean, anyone else roam around the gym without a clue of what to actually do? Yeah, same. If you’ve been looking for a workout that feels less like you’re signing up for an hour of torture and more like you’re dancing at the club, you’re going to want to try cardio dance workouts. Here are some of my favorites in NYC:

Broadway Bodies.

If you’ve ever wanted to channel your favorite musical or music video, Broadway Bodies can make those dreams come to life. You don’t have to stick to dancing around your apartment to your favorite songs. Broadway Bodies teaches choreography from music videos, musicals and more. They combine basic dance moves with more complex techniques and high impact aerobics. Every class keeps you moving so you’ll leave in a full sweat while embracing your inner performer. Even though it’s a cardio workout they make it fun so you’ll hardly feel like you’re working out. 

305 Fitness.

Located in Greenwich Village 305 Fitness lives up to its hype! Their cardio dance workouts includes dance moves in combination with HIIT for a full body workout every time. Each class is non stop cardio with high energy instructors AND a live DJ to make it feel like a real party. To add to the party vibe in Miami fashion (hence the 305 area code), the studio is dimly lit. You won’t even feel like you’re at the gym with the club vibe. 


Dancebody is a cardio workout with dance inspiration mixed in to each class. Every dance workout is designed to sculpt and tone your body. Sticking to the dance-theme Dancebody uses Barre methods for the sculpting portion of their classes. All you need is 1 hour to dance it out for a great workout. Instructors keep it motivating with good music throughout the workouts so you don’t get bored. If you’ve always wanted to improve your dance skills, every class is created by professional dancer Katia Pryce. Dancebody has a location in New York City, the Hamptons and Miami. You’ll be killin’ it in the club after just a couple weeks of these classes.

At Your Beat Studio.

Brooklyn’s best cardio dance workout is definitely At Your Beat Studio. It’s no surprise they have rave reviews and a strong following. They offer a variety of different classes, complete with cheeky names like ‘Peaches & Scream” and “FitBeat.” At Your Beat Studio turned their studio into a rave-like experience with a dark room and lots of lights. Naturally, they make sure every workout class has a playlist to get you in the zone. The dance workouts are inspired to get your body moving with a lot of cardio and body conditioning movements. Don’t worry they get you warmed up at the beginning of every class so you don’t pull a muscle and make sure all the dances are easy to follow. 

Banana Skirt Productions.

Teenage dreams come true at Banana Skirt Productions because they teach dances from some of your favorite music videos. Move over, Beyonce. They have a range of different music genres so you can choose from your favorites. With high intensity dance moves throughout every class you will leave feeling like you just performed a concert like Beyonce herself. Instructors make sure all dance skill levels are accommodated with their choreography.