5 Lessons I Learned from Frozen on Broadway.

Melanie Sutrathada shares five lessons she learned from seeing Frozen on Broadway..jpg

I was just as excited as any eight year old to hear that Frozen was coming to Broadway. Let’s not pretend that we’re “too old” for things like this… we all know that you know every word to its most famous songs! I expected to be entertained, but I ended up taking away much more than just one night of singing along to “Let It Go”. For whatever reason, seeing the story unfold in live action allowed the messages to sink in and I left feeling much differently about the story than I had before.

Here is what I took away from seeing Frozen on Broadway:

In life, sometimes you have to speak up when you know something isn’t right.

In order to protect her sister, Elsa must deny Anna’s request to marry Hans. Not having spent much time with her sister over the years, it would’ve been much easier for her to passively agree, in order to save face with her sister. Think about how different this story would’ve been if Elsa had just flat out agreed! If you know something is wrong, sometimes you have to do the hard thing and tell the person you love the truth. 

Surround yourself with loyal friends, and be a loyal friend/sister.

It is just as important to have great friends, as it is to be a great friend. It was such a nice, subtle reminder that being a good, loyal friend (or sister) sometimes means sacrificing something. In real life, this doesn’t usually entail sacrificing your life, but more so, time, convenience, among other things. I want to be as great of a friend to my loved ones, as they are to me!

You will sometimes meet the most important people to you when you least expect it.

Anna meets both Kristoff and Olaf while in pursuit for something entirely different - her sister. They end up being critical pieces to the puzzle, without which, she may have never reached her goal. Sometimes the people we least expect will become part of our larger story, and we should keep an open mind and heart about the new people we meet. 

People may seem cold and hard on the outside, when they really just need to feel understood and accepted by someone.

Anna knows that there is something up with Elsa. Just like for us, that one girl at the office who seems to always be in a bad mood. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives and stories, like Anna with her struggle with loneliness, that we forget that others are also fighting their own battles. All Elsa wanted was to feel accepted for who she was, as we all do. I hope to be more mindful of others, and the struggles they may be having but that they’re not publicly sharing.

Sometimes you need to get away from all the noise of life, physically and/or emotionally, and just let your true self shine!

Okay, you knew this was coming. I couldn’t write this post without having discussed the epic musical number that closed the first act. “Let It Go” hit us all on a personal level when we first saw the movie, but Caissie Levy really blew it out of the water! The message is so universal. Sometimes what you really need is to get out of where you are (or out of your head), stop caring what others think about you, and just do your damn thing! Life is too short to always fly under the radar, not living up to your true potential. LET IT GO and get out there and live your life! 

If you haven’t made it to see Frozen on Broadway yet, grab a few of your friends that are “worth melting for” and make a great night of it! The cast’s chemistry had me believing that I was truly a fly on the wall, watching the whole story unfold. If you have seen it, what did you take away from it? Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear your perspective!