6 Ways to Spark Your Creativity.

It can be tough to bounce back into a creative swing when your mind feels like it's been swirling around in a creative funk. If your creative purposes do not heed to a deadline, allow yourself the time to decompress, and take the pressure off of creating for a bit.

Try these strategies to help you spark your creativity:

1. Improvise without rules or edits.

Let your mind wander freely, and try a 5 minute improvised exercises in either writing or drawing! Write freely without editing as you go. Instead of contemplating whether you articulated your thoughts perfectly, just keep writing! Ignore your impulse to self-correct and edit constantly. Allow this piece of writing to serve as your stream of conscious on paper. You are not limited to topics, if you feel a certain way about something - add it to your writing. Indulge in doodling or scribbling or some other form of artistic exertion! Whatever you make is art!

2. Change environments.

Sometimes you just need to literally get up, move your body, and have a change of scenery. Whether that means taking a short walk or switching to a new work space. It can be hard for creativity to spark when you’re doing the same things all time. You can't expect to find a source of information if you keep staring at the same content for hours! We allow ourselves to get stagnant and do the same things all the time, when we really just need to try something new.

3. Talk with a loved one.

One way to get your creative juices flowing is by collaborating or bouncing ideas around with a loved one. Talk it out! Sometimes all it takes is de-stressing with a friend to get your mind back on the right track. Sometimes laughter is perfect cure for rejuvenation!

4. Look at other art forms.

If you're not on a time constraint, take the time to let different types of media spark your interest. Dive into new material! Try looking at art, reading, listening to your favorite music, reading news articles, checking out a new podcast, or diving into a new hobby that you've been waiting to start. You can’t expect to have a burst of creativity if you continue doing the same things you always do.

5. Give yourself a mental break.

Engage in activities that don’t exert a lot of mental energy.  Block off some free time for you to decompress and not think about projects. Whether that means watching reality television or reading quick  how-to articles or even taking a nap - you’re allowed to have a break and prioritize you.

6. Start from scratch.

Find that any idea no longer satisfies you? It’s okay to trash the project and start fresh. Sometimes an idea doesn’t flourish, because it didn’t spark your interest in the beginning.

How do you break your creative ruts? Share your tips below!