Reasons to Exfoliate Your Lips.

We all know about the benefits of exfoliating your skin, but what about exfoliating your lips? Let’s be real, no one likes the look of dead skin cells and chapped lips. Flaky, dry lips can happen as a result of the weather, being dehydrated, smoking, or over-exposure to the sun.

Read on for why you should exfoliate your lips:

1. Getting rid of dry skin.

When old skin cells start to build up on the surface of your lips, it can begin to look and feel dry and rough. In order to remove those dry, dead skin cells, exfoliating is a must!

2. Smoothing out your lips.

If you have ever applied lipstick on chapped lips, you probably experienced a clump and flaky effect from the dried skin. For the best lipstick results, try exfoliating and putting on a lip balm an hour before you apply your lipstick. After exfoliating your lips, you’ll have a smooth and even surface to work with when you start to apply your lipstick.  Your lip texture will not only feel great, but exfoliating will leave your lips looking healthy as well.

3. Neutralizing Discoloration.

Keeping up appearances can be hard with dark spots and discoloration on the lips. However, by exfoliating the lips, you are able to neutralize lip discoloration and get rid of those pesky dark spots and impurities. Exfoliating the lips lifts the dead skin, and it helps to fade the darker areas that linger around your mouth.

4. It's inexpensive.

Looking to exfoliate, but don’t know where to start? Create your own lip scrub home remedies with ingredients found in your kitchen! A homemade scrub comes in handy if you want to avoid using harmful ingredients. Can’t be bothered to use a lip scrub? Use a children’s toothbrush with soft bristles. Just make sure that you only use the toothbrush for lip scrubbing purposes, and not to brush your teeth as well! Exfoliate your lips in small circular motions, making sure to be as gentle as possible when you scrub. After you’ve done a good scrub down, follow up with a good balm to keep your life hydrated and soft.

What tips do you use to exfoliate your lips? Which products are your favorites?