Hair Care with DESSANGE Paris.

Huzzah! Quality hair care products are more affordable than ever with amazing companies extending their collections to more mainstream retailers. One of the top brands that won't cost you a quarter of month's rent is DESSANGE Paris, a premium hair care line that is exclusive to Target (also known as my second home) with all products priced between $9.99 and $14.99.

I started coloring my hair about two years ago and noticed that my hair would turn brassy and dull only a month or so after stepping out of a salon chair. Shocked that something so expensive and time-consuming would lose its luster so quickly, I've been on a mission recently to find products that would help prolong my color and add back in the shine it was missing without breaking the bank. I started asking around and DESSANGE Paris kept popping back up in my radar. The company has four key collections that address color preservation, shine enhancement, lightening and manageability - almost all of which I could use a little help with.

For the last two weeks, I've been testing DESSANGE Paris' three-product Salon Color Restore Protecting System, which was created to add long-lasting shine and vibrancy to color-treated hair. Here's what I thought of each product:

1. Color Protecting Shampoo - $9.99.

One of the main reasons I was drawn to this shampoo was because of its AHA and UV filter, which defends and protects your hair. As someone who might as well have grown up as a mermaid on the beach (I've clocked quite a few hours in the ocean), taking care of my hair and scalp is essential. I spent a lot of time damaging both! While I haven't been out and about in the sun too often because of the dropping temperatures, I do tend to use heat styling products at least twice a week, which can do a lot of damage.

I use about a quarter-sized dollop of this color-protecting shampoo to suds up my hair and love how easy it is to rinse out. A little product goes a long way because the solution is pretty thick - a fact that also makes you feel like you're getting even more bang for your buck, especially when you feel how much softer it makes your hair even before you put in conditioner.

2. Color Protecting Conditioner - $9.99.

Long hair = tangles. Point blank, period. I applied this color protecting conditioner to my hair after using the DESSANGE Paris shampoo and distributed it all over the bottom half of my hair. After leaving it in for five minutes, I rinsed the product and was really excited to see that it didn't weigh my hair down at all. My hair is heavy enough without any product and conditioners have a tendency to add unwanted bulk, so I was surprised to discover how lightweight DESSANGE Paris' product was. My hair is always noticeably softer and more manageable after using this conditioner and I would definitely say that it's on par with salon products. For a fraction of the price, I'm totally in.

3. Top Coat Serum - $11.99

After shampooing and conditioning my hair with the first two parts of this collection, I apply two to three drops of this top coat serum to the bottom half of my hair while it's still damp. The formula for this product contains pro-vitamins and antioxidants to protect and preserve your hair color, which make it the perfect leave-in treatment. Bonus points for the bottle being small enough to toss in your gym bag - it's great for those days when you're on the go and know you may need a little extra something!

The Verdict:

After using the DESSANGE Paris' Salon Color Restore Protecting System for two weeks, I've seen a real improvement in the condition of my hair and seen that my hair seems brighter, more manageable and definitely shinier. Only time will tell if it makes a big difference with how long my color lasts, but the odds are looking great so far!

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