10 Resolutions You’ll Be Happy You Kept.

Thinking back on all of the failed resolutions we made when we were younger, it’s easy to spot out why only 10 percent of people follow through with their New Year’s resolutions each year. Maybe we lack motivation, don’t have enough time or we lose interest in the matter completely. Let's be real - deciding to eat less carbs is not something anyone truly feels they want to do. Regardless, it’s time to start being more intentional about our resolutions and create goals and habits that reflect the lifestyle we want to live. I like to think of these as positive life changes rather than temporary goals. Changing the way you view New Year's resolutions will totally affect whether or not you accomplish them.

Here are ten New Year's resolutions that you'll look back on and be happy you kept at the end of 2017:

1. Put your health first.

There’s nothing more satisfying than making your physical and mental health a priority. Stop delaying the inevitable and get your doctor and dentist appointments scheduled ASAP. I know it's easy to push these things off, but we only have this one life (unless you're Harry Potter) and this is the only body we get.

2. Be kind to yourself.

Why is it that we feel validated when other people say kind things about us, but find it hard to be empowered by our own good qualities? Stop sweating the small stuff and take care of yourself in all ways. How about making it a mission this year to loving yourself? Whether that’s carving out the time in your schedule to practice self care, treating yourself to a movie night or wearing a cute outfit just because, you deserve it.

3. Use social media less and engage more.

Too often, I think we let social media act as a crutch to the way we interact with reality. When we’re in an awkward social gathering, we'd rather scroll through Instagram than get to know the people around us. Even when we’re talking face-to-face with our loved ones, we can’t help but nonchalantly pick up our phone and be in two conversations at once. In 2017, let’s aim to be more present. Put your phone down and engage with the people around you (after you've read this, of course). Practice actively listening and note how it changes the dynamic of a conversation.

4. Be honest about how you’re feeling.

2017 is the year to be unapologetically yourself. Your feelings are valid and they deserve to be heard without judgement or critique. If you’re upset, communicate it and don't hold back. When you put out into the universe how you're feeling and what you want, you're more likely to see positive results. What I've also found is that when you're honest and open about how you're feeling, people really respect you for it.

5. Be more productive.

If 2016 was all about cute and functional planners, 2017 is all about being on top of your A-game and being productive. Plan to make use of your planners on Sunday night, and plan out your entire week. Whether it’s work meetings, gym time, a phone call with an old friend or even time to read - schedule it. Before we can play, we need to have our priorities straight and have a game plan.

6. Get rid of the negative energy in your life.

Seek positivity in all that you do and get rid of negative energy that may be infesting your life. Surround yourself with positive people who truly want the best for you and empower you to do better. You'll be so much happier for it.

7. See more of the world.

Pick a location on your Pinterest “Travel” board, and make the plan to go! That’s right, I’m talking about going on a vacation and seeing the places you’ve always dreamed about. With so many budget airlines and cheap accommodations out there, why wouldn’t you take the time to travel? There is so much beauty out there to see in the world, so get to packing and start traveling. I'll be sharing city guides and travel tips in January and you won't want to miss it!

8. Add to your emergency fund.

Instead of spending a few dollars on take-out or on yet another latte, choose to put that money towards your emergency savings fund. While money can't buy happiness, it makes life so much easier. There's nothing worse than being put in a really bad situation and having little to no choices. Having a buffer when life gets tough or for unexpected emergencies, can make a world of a difference.

9. Keep in touch with loved ones more.

As busy and chaotic as life can get sometimes, don't forget about your loved ones who aren't around you each day. Take the initiative to reach out to them, whether it's for a lengthy catch up or a few short minutes. They’ll gladly appreciate it, and you will too. I've lived across the country from my family and some of my closest friends for almost half a decade and making the effort to reach out is something I have never regretted.

10. Listen to your body and sleep.

Just because your body can run on an average of 5-6 hours of sleep a night, doesn’t mean you should. This year, listen to what your body is telling you and sleep more. You'll be more prepared to take on and tackle each day, and you'll be able to make more sound decisions that you can feel really confident about.

How do you plan to tackle your 2017 New Year’s resolutions? What's on your list?

Melanie SutrathadaComment