How to Manage Your Time.

Timing is everything. Here are tried and true ways of managing your time like a total girlboss.

1. Wear a watch.

Time is a precious resource that shows how diligent and dependable you are. Wearing a watch shows that you value time and the time of others. While some may argue that you can always check your phone, how many times have you checked your phone for the time only to get sucked into Facebook, an email or a new Instagram post? This happens much more often than I'd care to admit, so I've taken to wearing a watch almost daily and am especially obsessed with this gorgeous wooden Zebrawood and Maple one from JORD Watches. It makes a statement and is always a conversation starter. It also shows how I view time, which has made a real difference in interviews, meetings and even brunch dates. I'm also huge fans of Daniel Wellington's Black Leather Watch and Kate Spade's Quartz Blue Watch.

2. Schedule everything.

Be honest with yourself and recognize your limits. Keep a visual breakdown of the day in Google Calendar or a hard copy of a planner (this adorable floral one from Ban.Do is a must). Include any important details about the event or plan like the exact address, contact names and phone numbers. Say no to the projects or events that you truly do not have the time for. Your sanity will thank you later.

3. Plan ahead.

Make your to-do list the night before or take some time the night before to plan out a rough schedule. It will be easier to focus on the task at hand if you know what to prepare for next. Set reminders for yourself that will make sure you remember your most important tasks.

4. Make a checklist and prioritize.

Make a checklist of all of the items that you need to get done for the day. Get the hard stuff out of the way first and the rest will feel easy in comparison.

5. Take real breaks.

Allow yourself time to relax in between your projects or events. Avoid spending your breaks on social media or just staring mindlessly at your phone and instead take a walk or rest your eyes.

6. Track your time.

Analyze where your time is being spent by keeping an hourly log. Are you spending too much time on Instagram before work? Maybe you get sucked into Seamless choices for an hour every lunch? By tracking your time, you'll find out what you're spending too much time on, and what tasks need more time.

Photos by Guerrilla Photography.