Tips for Tackling the Summer Heat.

Melanie Sutrathada shares her tips on how to tackle the summer heat

As the summer temperatures start to rise, it’s natural to want to stay inside 24/7 and blast the air conditioner. Don't let the heat get you down though! You can still be fashionable and cool at the same time no matter how hot it gets this summer. Here’s a 6-point guide to stylish dressing even in the most sweltering of heat.

1. Bring on the heat with some cute and creative updo hairstyles.

Say goodbye to curling irons and straighteners and say hello to braids, buns and bobby pins! Keep the heat on your hair to a minimum and get creative with natural hair and updos! Not only will updos keep hair out of your face, but you’ll look sleek and glamorous while you're at it.

2. Avoid wearing a full face of makeup.

When it comes to wearing makeup in the heat, avoid wearing a full face of products so they don't start to run as soon as you step out of the AC. For best results in the heat, wear primer as a base on your face to help your makeup stay intact and steer clear of makeup that adds extra shine. Better yet, swap your normal base layers and foundation for a BB or CC cream that provide SPF, light coverage, and just the right amount of moisture.

3. Dress in layers.

While it may be hot outside, it might be freezing when you step into a car, on public transportation or into the office. Prepare for the temperature fluctuations by wearing layers. It might sound counter-intuitive to wear more clothes in the heat, but you’ll want to be able to adjust to multiple temperatures throughout the day. When in doubt, a light scarf is always a safe bet!

4. Choose light colors over dark ones.

The key to staying fashionable in the heat is to choose light-colored clothing over dark colors since darker clothing absorbs heat. When your clothes absorb the heat, your internal temperature becomes even hotter. Lighter colors will keep you soft and cool.

5. Pick lightweight clothing.

Wearing fabrics that are light, loose and breathable keeps things sensible in the heat. Find pieces made in fabrics like cotton and linen that won’t cling or stick to your body. If it’s going to absorb sweat, you want to choose material that will dry quickly. Avoid wearing polyester, wool or suede at all costs as the thicker material will trap heat.

6. Choose pieces that are suitable to the heat.

Dresses are always always a go-to when it’s humid outside. Not only are they more comfortable to wear in the heat, but they also keep things practical and cute. Sundresses or pleated dresses are perfect because they tend to flow away from the body, allowing more air to circulate. When it comes to tops, off-the-shoulder tops are trending all summer long They're usually a lot looser, aren't constricting, and look great with a simple pair of jeans or shorts.

What are your must-have items for keeping cool in the heat?