Effortlessly Chic Jewelry with Emma&Chloé.

Put down the berets and striped shirts and stop trolling Pinterest for style inspiration. Mastering effortlessly glamorous and low-key French girl style is now totally within your reach and even easier than riding around town with a fresh baguette. Meet Emma&Chloé, a subscription service that delivers a unique handmade piece of French designer jewelry to your door each month. These high-quality, fashion-forward jewelry designs can be delivered straight to your door for only $35 a month! With a few clicks of a button, you'll be saying, "oui, oui," in no time!

The company works with small, independent artisans like Bresma, Calepinage, La Demoiselles du Marais and Sidonie Prudenceto to bring you stunning Parisian jewelry that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else in the United States. That's right - no more running into five other girls wearing the exact same thing on the subway anymore.

This Paris and New York City-based company features boxes with elegant pieces that are valued between $50 to $200 and that range anywhere from delicate rings to bold statement earrings. The pieces are either plated with 24k gold or coated in a silver bath, with many of them also containing semi-precious stones. 

The Sunhorn Riverstone Necklace featured in this post was created by French designer, Vadine Sister, and is the latest Emma&Chloé piece to arrive on my doorstep this June. The gold beauty was inspired by the sun-soaked city of Marseille (doesn't that sound so beautiful?) and has quickly become one of my favorite pieces of jewelry because of the high quality and versatility. Made of brass, the Sunhorn Riverstone Necklace comes gilded with gold with a horn river stone cut in bright white. Let's just say that I've barely taken it off! 

Emma&Chloé is the perfect way to treat yourself (or a friend/co-worker/anyone who you really want to show some love to) every month. Go ahead and pour yourself a glass of Champagne after signing up for their subscription service. You deserve it!