Where to Shop for Halloween Decorations.

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We’re just a few weeks away from Halloween and it’s time to get spooky! Here are my favorite places to shop for Halloween decorations this season:


Oh, Target. Does it get any more amazing than this mecca for everything from peanut butter to the perfect pair of pumps? We all know that they’re on point when it comes to clothing, shoes, and, a bunch of other things under the sun. Did you know that their Halloween decorations are killin’ the game right now too? Just check out this adorable fall pumpkin, these super cute corn string lights, and this spooky telephone. Go ahead and get into the spooky holiday spirit by heading to your local Target (or shopping online if you’re too lazy to go to the store like I am right now) for the cutest Halloween decorations that won’t have you breaking the bank.


Say “hey girl hey” to the perfect destination for all your home needs this Halloween. Homegoods has handpicked the perfect décor for this fall season with a special Halloween section just in time for the creepiest night of the year. Their stores always have new merchandise coming in, so be sure to check back in if you’re not finding a spooky piece that you absolutely love.


Let’s put all our cards on the table, shall we? I am not a crafty person. This is not me being modest - I am genuinely terrible at crafting. I used to get super excited about taking up hobbies like knitting and would go out and buy a dozen packs of yarn in an assortment of colors only to get started for about two hours and then never touch the yarn again (except when I stumble upon the crumpled bag a year later wondering what I could have possibly been thinking when I dropped $50 on said yarn). While I may not be crafty though, there is something so memorable and exciting (or so I’ve been told) about sitting down and creating decorations from scratch. If you actually are crafty, you’ve got to head to Michael’s for all of your DIY needs - they have everything from eyeball mason jar lids to silicone mouse molds. Let the monster madness begin!


Just in case you’re too busy to hit the stores this season (or would just rather finish watching "Superstore” on Hulu like me), Amazon has just what you need. Their affordable decorations can be sent right to your door within the blink of an eye (or even faster if you’re living that Prime life.) Some of my favorite Halloween decorations include these orange fairy lights, this spider web table runner, and these themed paper lanterns.

Party City.

This pick is an oldie but a goodie. I’ve been going to Party City for well over a decade and I always find new things each season. The party store has tons of affordable Halloween decorations and they’re also currently running BOGO sales left and right. Ladies, let’s get get in formation and get shopping for the spookiest decorations.


Alright, I have a huge love/hate relationship with Etsy. Why? Because the site has thousands of adorable pieces and is therefore also a rabbit hole for endless scrolling and sad bank accounts. If you want something special for Halloween this year, head to Etsy to shop cute original designs of Halloween home décor that will work inside or outside! Use the filter feature to help narrow down your search and you should be golden in your hunt for the perfect Halloween decor.

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