7 Halloween Movies to Watch This October.

Melanie Sutrathada shares her top seven movies to watch just in time for Halloween this October..jpg

Halloween is just a little over two weeks away and that means it’s time to get watching all of the spooky movies! If you plan on binge-watching with a tub of popcorn and a second tub of candy corn, let’s just say that I will definitely be expecting an invite (;

Here are 7 Halloween movies to watch this October:

1. Hocus Pocus.

This movie is a classic and definitely a must-see this month. Hocus Pocus follows Max Dennison, a young boy who accidentally resurrects 17th century witches (as one does). Why is it so amazing, you ask? Well, the fact that you’re asking hurts my soul a little bit because this movie is so ingrained in my childhood, but I’ll let that go. First of all, the movie features Sarah Jessica Parker pre-Sex and the City as one of the witches - that on its own should be enough to entice you. Second, the movie is super spooky (three women who steal the souls of young children in order to stay young = creeptastic) in a PG way (I’m not a fan of chain saws or strangers showing up on your door step). Third, watching these 17th century witches react to the 20th century is sheer and utter gold. Fourth, Thackery Binx was hot (or at least I thought he was when I was 12). Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to Google photos of what the actor who played him looks like now. (Update: apparently my taste hasn’t changed since I was 12. I had no idea that Sean Murray who plays one of my favorite characters on NCIS also played Thackery Binx. This, my friends, is what I call the world coming full circle).

2. Halloween Town.

Now this is a Halloween movie that I watched wayyyyy too much while I was growing up. Anyone else feeling a little nostalgic just reading the title of the movie? You can definitely say that watching Halloween Town each year as the leaves start to change should be an instant fall ritual! As a Disney Channel original, Halloween Town is filled with tons of characters that really are sure to get you into the spirit of Halloween. The movie is about a girl named Marnie Piper whose family was never allowed to celebrate Halloween or join in on any of the activities surrounding the day. When Marnie’s grandma Aggie comes into town, she learns about her witch powers that her mom has been trying to hide from her for years (side note: what’s up with people trying to keep kids from knowing about their magical powers?!). Once Marnie finds out about her powers, magic happens!

3. Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Sometimes you just need a little animated cartoon action to brighten up this spooky time of year. Casper' is pretty much the mascot for Halloween destroying the spooky stereotype that ghosts have. In this movie, Casper is an adorable and friendly ghost (because even ghosts need love, obvi.)

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This movie is a creepy must-see during the Halloween season (or really any season because it’s just that good)! In true Tim Burton style, there’s tons of macabre imagery surrounding the movie.The Nightmare Before Christmas is dark and spooky and even takes place in a land literally called Halloween Town. There’s even a character named Oogie Boogie in it who tries to add Santa to his stew! This movie isn’t just about being spooky though - The Nightmare Before Christmas has a really beautiful underlying message to embrace who you are. Also, Jack and Sally are giving me serious #relationshipgoals.

5. Twitches.

This has to be my favorite Halloween movie of all time! I’ve loved the the Mowry sisters (anyone else just hear the Sister, Sister theme song in their head?) for what seems like forever and grew up wanting to be just like them, so I could totally watch Twitches over and over again. The movie is about twin sisters that find each other at the age 21 and then discover their powers of being witches. Outside of the sweet storyline, the early 2000s fashion is all that and a bag of chips.

6. Corpse Bride.

A great movie! Corpse Bride is a stop-motion picture with tons of underlying messages that are just waiting to be discovered.

7. The Addams Family.

This movie is atop one to watch this season because it’s a true classic on all fronts. This spooky movie introduces you to a strange family with weird and amazing quirks. This movie is perfect to watch with family and friends!

What are your favorite movies to watch during this time of the year? Tell me below in the comments or on social at @melaniesutra!

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