5 Apparel & Accessories Brands That Give Back + A Giveaway.


As we go into the holiday season, it’s more important than ever to support brands and companies that give back because where you shop has the opportunity to make a real difference. Whether you’re looking to show your love for a certain cause like education or put your hard-earned dollars towards companies that invest in a one-for-one model, this is the time to let your wallet doing the talking.

Friends will often send me texts or DMs about a super inexpensive knock-off of a dress I was eying on the runway or one that I mentioned I had on my wishlist. When I click through the links though, I’m almost always shocked to find that the pieces are made in China and can be purchased for $10 or less. While paying 1/15 of the price may sound good short-term, I also have to wonder what the true price of the apparel or accessory is. Was this person paid a fair wage? What were the working conditions like? What are the hidden costs behind this bargain? While I am not as sustainable or eco-friendly as I would like to be just yet, I am working to improve, become more educated, and make more thoughtful decisions when it comes to shopping. Let’s make the world better, one person and one purchase at a time!

Scroll through for 5 brands that give back:



Did you know that socks are the most requested clothing item at homeless shelters? This fact is the driving force behind Bombas, an amazing sock company exists to help solve this problem and to support the homeless community. The two founders, David Heath and Randy Goldberg, delved into this venture after they saw a Facebook post about homeless shelters struggling to find socks. Health and Goldberg set out to reimagine athletic socks and help people all across the United States through a one-for-one model - a pair of socks is donated for every pair purchased.

That’s not all though - the donated socks are not the same socks as the ones Bombas sells. Instead, the company has engineered a special sock to specifically meet the needs of people who may not have access to everyday essentials. Bombas’ donated socks have an anti-microbial treatment that does not need to be washed as often and features reinforced seams and darker colors for more durability and less visible wear. Since the company’s start in 2013, Bombas has donated close to 10 million pairs of socks!

Upgrade your sock drawer with this colorful 12-pack of Bombas ankle socks or this festive 4-pack of women’s holiday socks.




First, can we talk about the photo on the right of this screen? Patagonia’s entire Instagram feed reads as outdoor #goals. Seriously, one minute of scrolling through their feed will tempt you into quitting your job and booking the next flight out to somewhere scenic. Their absolute amazingness doesn’t end there though. Patagonia sells sustainable, eco-conscious and affordable clothes and accessories in addition to donating their time, services, and at least 1%" of their sales to making the world a cleaner, greener place by supporting environmental organizations around the world and funding at the grassroots level. Pretty cool, right?

Their mission is to “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” I think it’s safe to say that Patagonia is definitely doing their part and making an impact.

Keep warm while traveling all winter long with this fair trade Crosstrek Fleece Hoody (perfect for layering while hitting the trails) and/or this Los Gatos 1/4 Zip Fleece.



Market Colors.

Market Colors is an adorable online store and non-profit organization striving to impact lives across the globe through the sale of ethically-sourced items. This amazing company works with men and women in areas of Africa and India that are at risk for abuse, trafficking, and extreme poverty. 

Market Colors collaborates to design and create amazing products with purpose that are sold in their online store, and in retail stores domestically and internationally. Their goal is to create sustainable and recurring incomes for the craftsmen they partner with. By shopping with Market Colors, you can help make a difference in the lives of craftsmen throughout the world. 

Some of my favorite handmade Market Colors items include these Living for Lapis earrings and Rosabelle Blooms earrings. Pieces sell out pretty quickly, so make sure to add your must-have pieces to your shopping cart asap.




Sevenly’s mission is to lead a generation toward generosity. The company is recognized as one of the world's leading social good companies, curating ongoing, cause-themed collections created to change lives by raising funding, and awareness. Every seven days, Sevenly raises funds for a different cause and $7 of every piece sold goes towards that week’s charity.

For example, this week features the Hope > Cancer Collection. In this collection, you’ll find pieces like the BE WELL Hand-Stamped Brass Cuff which are hand-stamped by refugee women from Nepal who have been resettled in Memphis, Tennessee. The purchase of these brass cuffs funds Sevenly’s pledge to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You can also pick up sweet t-shirts like this Never Give Up Flowy Dolman or SURVIVOR White Flowy Raglan. Either purchase helps the Ronald McDonald House keep families with sick kids together and near the care and resources they need.

Whether you’re looking to support different causes from food and water relief to refugee care, Sevenly makes it easy!




Seeing big stores like H&M taking a more conscious stand is what makes my heart soar! When we start to see big changes happening at global companies, that’s how we know that our dollars are making a difference.

H&M is setting out to create a more sustainable fashion future with The Garment Collection Program. One of the ways that H&M is actively making a difference is through recycling your clothes. To get started and participate in this global initiative, all you have to do is drop off your unwanted clothing in the recycling box at your local H&M store. All textiles are welcome from your old sheets to your mismatched socks! (Fun fact: every donated bag = a discount card for 15% of your next in-store purchase.

From there, clothing that can be worn again are marketed as second hand goods worldwide. Textiles that can’t be reworn are then reused and made into other products like cleaning cloths. Clothing that can not be reworn or reused are used to manufacture products like insulating materials for the auto industry.

So much clothing and textiles are finding their way into landfills and this could easily be avoided through recycling. Take advantage of H&M’s program and you’ll be helping to decrease your footprint!




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