Shop Spotlight: Claus Porto.

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Captivating scents, ornate design and old-world craftsmanship have been the pillars of Claus Porto’s beauty and fragrance house for over a century.

Claus Porto, one of the oldest family-owned soap and perfume manufacturers in Portugal, just opened their first international store in NoLita at 230 Elizabeth St. in Manhattan and it’s an absolute must for anyone looking to up their gift game this holiday season (or just any time, really). Because let’s be real, if Oprah and Michelle Obama love the brand, then I am most definitely IN. Yes, you read that right - Claus Porto counts stars like Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama as fans! Claus Porto is continuing with their tradition of crafting detailed designs with love and their customers are proof of that.

The new store for the 131-year old Portuguese beauty and fragrance brand (aka where I’m going to pick up all of my gifts for friends and family this season) is simply stunning. Like, stop-you-in-your-tracks stunning. As if I wasn’t already obsessed with Claus Porto’s vintage-inspired luxury soaps, hand creams, and scented candles (all in the most beautiful packaging), I was really taken aback by the sense of culture and pride that went both into the design and the brand when I visited the store. What really struck me is that the Bath Soap and Body Care line is still produced using the same turn of the century methods and techniques that the company has been fine-tuning since they were established in 1887 in Portugal, using only the finest and most high quality ingredients. Just look at how gorgeous this Tulip soap is, after all! As a host, I love delving into stories (the good, bag, ugly and everything in between!) and Claus Porto has a really storied and rich history that I couldn’t help but want to learn more about.

The concept for the new store was conceived by Tacklebox Architecture under the direction of Jeremy Barbour and is just out of this world. The design of the new store in particular pays homage to Portuguese architecture and craftsmanship with beautiful features like the 42-foot-long freestanding archway and cork from Portugal (all while smelling like a dream). Alright, who wants to come with me to Portugal to see where Claus Porto found their inspiration? Any takers?

Melanie Sutrathada shares her latest shop spotlight, Claus Porto..JPG
Melanie Sutrathada shares her latest shop spotlight, Claus Porto..jpg
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