NYFW Designer Highlight: Vivi Zubedi.

Vivi Zubedi brought her signature modest wear to the mainstream through her fall/winter 2018 collection runway show, with models strutting down the runway in Westernized abayas with hijabs and baseball caps.

She has a true talent for combining patterns, embellishments, and textures like printed artisan materials, mixing traditionally Muslim silhouettes with sportswear elements in a way that unexpectedly surprised the stylish crowd at NYFW.

In particular, the gold-embellished baseball caps adorned the hijabs as a way to bring attention to Banua Borneo, a region of Indonesia very close to Vivi's heart where she is currently working to increase the wages for women who work in the textile industry there.

Modesty is a woman's choice and Vivi definitely took to the runway to show that modesty can be super chic. What did you think of her collection?