5 Reasons to Go On A Cruise Right Now.

I'm less than a month out from my very first cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line and am already thinking of my next one! Cruising is such a different type of vacation and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Here's why you should go on a cruise right now (and also why I'm planning on another one asap):

1. You get a lot of bang for your buck. No, but really. 

Cruise vacations are easily one of the best ways to really make the most of your vacation dollars since they include your accommodation, transportation, food and drinks, and both daytime and evening entertainment. When I was researching different cruises and cruise lines, they easily averaged less than $100 a night, which isn't even the cost of a hotel room in most cities!

2. It's the perfect way to unplug.

As someone who is constantly connected to wi-fi for a living, unplugging felt amazing. We're all so connected to our devices and can definitely use a little digital detox every once in a while (understatement of the year, I know).

There were times while cruising when I reached for my phone to pass the time or simply because I didn't want to awkwardly be sitting by myself, but I ended up loving the time away from my phone after a few days at sea. When I stepped away from the electronics, I found myself more engaged, open, and present. I had these incredible conversations with people I would never have met before and also became friends with an amazing group of people who I may have missed if I had been on my phone checking Instagram or answering emails. Before the trip, I couldn't even remember the last time that I had stopped to watch the sunset. During the cruise, I made it a point to take it in almost every single day! That alone made the cruise worth it to me. 

3. It's just as much about the journey as it is the destination.

Normally, time spent traveling from one destination to the next isn't very fun. Think of all those long road trips stuck in the back seat between your yelling siblings or those not-so-enjoyable hours spent schlepping your over-packed carry-on through the airport for a red-eye flight. Yeah, that brought back some fun memories, right? #sorrynotsorry

Cruising is pretty much the exact opposite of the long travel days we're all used to. Every day that I spent traveling to the next island was exciting and jam-packed with opportunities and fun in the most unexpected way. On any given night, I did karaoke in front of a huge crowd, danced all night with frat boys in togas to some of the most ratchet music I'd ever heard, and ate buffalo wings in my bathing suit with a group of new friends at 2 am. Let's just say that I would never have had that much fun if I was on a red-eye. 

4. Rest and relaxation are the name of the game. 

Picture this: you're in your favorite bathing suit and are lounging with your feet in the pool with a margarita in one hand and a book/trashy magazine/plate of french fries in the other. You can hear the calming sound of the waves and feel the warm sun on your previously-so-pale-that-you-could-have-been-mistaken-for-a-vampire face. Pretty amazing, right? Well, that's nearly every day on a cruise. You don't have to cook your own meals, answer any emails, or even make your own bed.

On top of all of the above, cruise vacations are crazy relaxing because they're so easy to plan. There's no need to coordinate about travel or hotels, or fight with who you're traveling with about whether to eat at a certain restaurant or not. Not having to worry about the logistics will make your vacay 1,395,274 times easier. Now if only real life could be this simple!

5. The chance to experience something new.

If you've been wanting to go out of your comfort zone, here's your chance. Whether you've been itching to snorkel or dying to go jet skiing in a new country, a cruise is a perfect opportunity to check things off your bucket list. There is so much to do, see, and eat both while cruising and in port. Go ahead and make some memories that you'll never forget!

Have you been on a cruise before? What did you think? What were your favorite reasons for going?

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