Ways to Donate Clothes and Beauty Products You Don't Need Anymore.

There’s always that moment of the year where we realize just how much stuff we have piled up, like those pants that don't fit you but you still keep in your closet hoping one day they may fit you again, or that not so cool lipstick your grandma gave you a long time ago that you never used.

Don't get me wrong, I understand how hard it can be to let these things go, but it really is about asking yourself this simple question: "do I really need all this?". If you're completely honest with yourself, you'll see that some of the things that are collecting dust in your closet may be another woman's treasure. And it's not only about clothes, there are other things that you may not use as much or that you never even used in the first place that are seating on your room, like beauty products or accessories that you never wore before.   

So maybe it's time to contribute a little to those people in need that may give a better use for your things and start donating. Once you pass the hard part, you'll see how good it feels to make someone else happy and let them enjoy those things that you no longer need.

If you want to start contributing, now it's the best time to do it! I've rounded up some of the best organizations where you can donate and finally purge your closet and drawers while helping someone else in the process.

1. Dress For Success.

Great for: professional clothing, formal clothing, shoes, and beauty products.

This organization cares about women empowerment, confidence, and giving women all the development tools in order to help them succeed. They receive just about anything that could help a woman look more professional, from formal clothes to shoes and beauty products. So if you have a pair of heels on the corner of your closet or a forgotten jacket, contact Dress For Success and start donating. You'll see how good it feels! 

2. Glimmer Project.

Great for: beauty products, jewelry, perfume, and gift cards.

If you have unused beauty products, jewelry or any kind of accessory that you don't use anymore, there isn't a better place to donate them than the Glimmer Project org. They focus on making every girl and woman feel special by giving gifts, and you can even host a Glimmer Drive, which is an invitation to all of your friends or family to gather up and bring gifts and then send them to Glimmer Project.

3. Beauty Bus Foundation.

Great for: beauty products.

Their mission is to give beauty services to chronically or terminally ill patients. This organization tries to provide a momentary escape from the disease and lift their spirits, so they often give bags of beauty to the patients and make them feel special. To contribute with Beauty Bus, you can donate beauty products such as makeup, nail polish, lotion, or any other beauty item you can think of. 

4. Project Beauty Share.

Great for: beauty products and feminine hygiene products (the #1 requested items from shelters).

The mission of Project Beauty Share is, "The beauty is in the giving," and I couldn't agree more. If you accidentally bought a face powder or a foundation that wasn't your color, this is the perfect organization to donate these products. Their goal is to help those women who have been through difficult situations in life and make them feel beautiful and confident. They accept any kind of makeup or beauty product, as well as personal hygiene such as deodorants, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. Go to their online webpage and find out how you can contribute to this amazing organization! 

5. Our Fairy Godmother Inc.

Great for: prom dresses and formal attire.

Remember your prom night when you felt the most beautiful girl with your dress? If you still have it collecting dust on the back of your closet, it's time to take it out and let other girl rock it just like you did back in the day! This organization gives the opportunity of having a gorgeous prom dress for girls who aren't able to afford it, so you can contact them and see how you can donate.

Any organizations that you absolutely love and feel should be on this list? Shoot me an email at info@melaniesutrathada.com. I would love for this post ot be a comprehensive resource for all the amazing men and women who are looking to help donate clothing and beauty products! .

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