10 Best Pizza Places in New York.

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"Time is money, money is power, power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge, let’s go!"

I love it, you love it, we all can’t live without it. It’s there through the good times, the bad times, the long nights, and the childhood birthday parties.

Yes, I’m referring to the great, cheesy, dependable… Pizza. New York City is famous for it (duh). So naturally, it’s going to be essential to narrow down your options in order to properly divide and conquer. I’ve gathered the best of traditional, quirky, and just straight up bomb dot com pizza below.

1. Prince Street Pizza.

Perfectly crisp pepperoni. I honestly could stop there, but I think it's important to note that this place not only has that, but also a near perfect Yelp rating (we all know how difficult that is to uphold), 4am closing time on weekends, and classic NYC atmosphere. Whether you’re local or just in town for the weekend, this place will quickly become your new “Its Monday and I can’t fathom cooking while the Bachelor is on” delivery, your Friday Girl’s Night take-out, and your Saturday 2am pit stop on your way home from the club. Don’t worry if you’re still single... get a second slice and take it home with you. 

2. Circa Brewing Co.

Feelin’ a little fancier than the corner pizza shop tonight? Circa Brewing Co’s lighting up wood-fired pies with eggplant, smoked bourbon ham, goat milk ricotta, and other specialties. You’ll definitely have to gather the squad or your favorite foodie on this one, you’ll be wanting to try every different pizza on the menu!

3. Juliana’s Pizza.

Three words: Worth. The. Wait. If lightly charred, crispy, dough and authentic recipes are up your alley, then wander over to Juliana’s tonight instead of trying to cook that 10-step recipe from your roommate’s Keto cookbook. Your tastebuds (and sanity) will thank you. 

4. Macoletta.

The new kid on the block isn’t messing around. Although they’re a newer spot, Macoletta has got their cooking strategy down to a science. Elevated, turning pizzas will entertain you before you eat, and their Nutella pizza should keep you well occupied during dessert. If there was ever a better combination than pizza and chocolate, please, let me know.

5. Sottocasa Pizzeria.

Ever been to Naples? Close your eyes, take a bite of Sottocasa’s Romana pizza and you’ll feel as though you’re drifting through Italian paradise. This homey spot is perfect for your comfort food binge, even if you’re Vegan or Gluten Free! 

6. Dough Boys Pizza.

Need more spice in your life than old-fashioned margherita? Let the Dough Boys light you up with their Blazing Buffalo Chicken pizza (that may or may not also be drizzled generously in Ranch deliciousness). Just make sure to take me with you…

7. Roberta’s.

Next time you have a case of weeknight boredom, try something different and order Roberta’s “Bee Sting” pizza. This sweet-spicy pizza is off-menu, and features an unusual twist to your typical ‘Za… And if that doesn’t give your mouth something to talk about, the graffiti laden warehouse that houses it will!

8. Oath Pizza.

Toppings, toppings, toppings, give me ALL the toppings! Its like they took an Oath to satisfy whatever craving you may have that day. Opt for the “selfie” to build your own pizza. You’re the captain of your own ship, here. 

9. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza.

They’ve mastered the best of both worlds over at Artichoke’s. Classic New York Style pizza that’s foldable in all its thin-crust glory, but with a signature flavor that gives ‘classic’ a run for its money. The creamy slice of Artichoke Pizza is probably big enough to share, but let’s be real, you aren’t sharing anything. Sorry, not sorry. 

10. Pizza Beach.

This Instagrammable spot boasts some bold topping offerings for the flavor-adventurous pizza eaters out there. With specialities like Taco, and one with pineapple, jalapeños, and rosemary, you’ll definitely find something off the beaten pizza-path! 

Did any pizza places you're absolutely obsessed with not make my list? Let's chat over the intricacies of the perfect cheese to sauce ratio! 

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