Newest Feature in HoneySuckle Magazine.

Melanie Sutrathada shares her recent feature in HoneySuckle Magazine..jpg

Have you heard the news? I’ve been featured in HoneySuckle Magazine! Here’s just a sneak peek from the amazing article written by Adrie Mendonez.

“If you could be an animal, what kind would you be? Melanie Sutrathada (pronounced soo-truh-THAH-duh) would undoubtedly be a Golden Retriever, she has told me on many occasions. In the few years that I’ve known this flawless-faced influencer, actress, and brand ambassador, I can say I wholeheartedly agree. She’s interested in everyone whose path she happens upon. She wants to know your favorite color, where you got those earrings, and obviously, what animal YOU would be. While many people ask your name and fail to listen to your answer, she asks questions that blow far past the exhausting “just being polite” small talk. On the contrary, Melanie has one thing most people don’t possess: a genuine curiosity in getting to know you, whoever you may be. And this rare quality puts the “nice girls finish last” phrase up for serious debate… because she is killin’ it.

In fact, she prefers the term “content creator” to influencer, which, in her opinion, carries a negative connotation and an air of entitlement to it. And the general public’s idea of being an influencer — that life is all taking pretty pictures and getting everything for free — is far from her truth. She hustles harder in one day than some do all week, in a colorful dress and heels, and always with a smile — I’ve seen it firsthand. She wakes early, about 6-7am, heads off to up to 6-8 events and meetings all over the city (commuting one hour from Brooklyn), and comes home to make sure she answers every email and social media comment with a personal touch — no form letters or one-word answers. Ever.” - Read more on HoneySuckle Magazine today.