10 Ways to Stay Positive This Fall.

Life is funny. With Fall, comes all the wonderful autumn things. Cool weather, pumpkin flavored everything and cuddling up in blankets during cold nights. But with this also comes some, what I call, Holiday Blues. Whether it’s the lack of sunshine, the stress of the upcoming holiday season, or whatever else, sometimes it’s hard to stay upbeat and positive. So if you’ve got a case of the Holiday Blues, here are 10 things you can do to make yourself feel better!

1. Treat yourself a little.

Boost your spirits with a Starbucks this morning instead of your normal office cup of coffee, or indulge in a little chocolate after dinner without feeling guilty about it. These are just small examples, but treating yourself doesn’t have to mean something big in order to make you feel a little better!

2. Make a gratitude list.

Remembering all that there is to be thankful for can help turn around tough times quickly! I always like to think of big things like family and good health, but then small things too. Like catching a subway just in time or a great hair day. I add to my gratitude list every day and it always helps to brighten my day.

3. Watch something funny.

The power of laughter is so strong and change just about anything. It's medicine for the soul! Scroll through the comedy category of Netflix and pick your favorite movie or show to watch. The more you’re laughing, the better it will work! For me, Parks and Recreation and Superstore has me belly laughing and feeling like new in no time. 

4. Do something healthy first thing in the morning.

If you can start out your day on a good note, it will totally affect the rest of your day! Get in a quick workout (I’m obsessed with the Tone It Up app right now!), or prepare a well-balanced breakfast (totally digging Oatbox at the moment) to keep the holiday blues away. Spending this extra time on yourself in the morning could keep you feeling positive the rest of the day and also in the long run!

5. Take it easy.

Don’t make yourself feel bad if you need a night in after a long week. Let yourself go out and unwind if that’s what you need, too! Whichever way you prefer to take it easy, allow yourself time for unwinding and really de-stressing.

6. Light soothing candles.

Our sense of smell can have such a big effect on our mood! Light your favorite candle or use an essential oil mist to fill your space with good vibes! 

7. Get ready.

Rolling out of bed and heading to work may be what you want to do when you’re not feeling great about things, but it’s probably hurting you more than helping! Put together a cute outfit the night before and spend a little time primping in the morning. Knowing that you look put together, even if you don’t feel put together, will give your esteem a little extra boost.

8. Go for a walk.

Fresh air really can solve so many problems. Take a long walk through Central Park and listen to your favorite music or an interesting podcast. Clear your head by getting outside!

9. Try not to complain so much...

Misery really does love company. It’s so easy to want to vent to someone when you’re not doing well, but remind yourself of other things to talk about, too. It’s healthy to talk about your feelings, but talk about them and then let them go or figure out what you’re going to do about them. Constantly talking about how bad you feel is only going to make you feel worse and rewires your brain for negativity. Let’s be real - ain’t nobody got time for that!

10. Make time for your loved ones!

Family, friends, your S.O., - whoever it is, make time for them! And if you can, actually be with them. Even if the best you can do is a Facetime coffee date with your mom, talking with someone you care about and who cares about you will fill you with all the good feels. 

Just remember that everyone goes through these feelings, but it’s up to you to keep your head held high! Do things that are good for you, do things you love, and don’t be hard on yourself. You’ve got this!

Melanie Sutrathada1 Comment