Tips and Tricks to Make Your Morning Routine Shorter.

Mornings are rough. Getting out of bed, getting ready, eating breakfast…and doing it all on time is a struggle. No one told us this part of adulthood would be so hard. Since we can’t put coffee directly into our bloodstream (yet), we all want to catch as many zz’s as possible before we have to get up and face real life.

Here are some easy tips to make your morning routine shorter so you can spend less time getting ready and more time in bed #adulting:

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Pick Out Your Outfit the Night Before.

Remember when mom used to make you do this growing up? Well it turns out she was onto something. Picking out what you’re going to wear the night before saves a TON of time. It eliminates the “I have nothing to wear” freak out in the morning. Plus, you’ll have more time to pick out an outfit you actually want to wear instead of throwing on whatever looked clean.

Pack Your Bag(s) at Night.

While you’re planning what you’re going to wear the night before, do yourself a favor and pack your bags in the evening too. Whatever you need the next day, pack it up and leave it next to your front door. This includes your gym bag, too. We’ve all ‘forgotten’ our gym bag at home, resulting in the need to go back home before heading to the gym – let’s face it we never end up at the gym when that happens. 

Pre-Prep Your Meals.

We were always told breakfast is the most important meal of the day but that was a much easier rule to live by when living with your parents. Instead of getting up earlier, and cutting into your sleep schedule, get breakfast options that you can prep the night before and take while you’re running out of the house. Breakfast burritos are a great option, prep them on the weekend and just heat them up in the morning. Not a breakfast burrito person? Prep everything you need a protein shake so all you have to do is blend and drink. After you prep your breakfast(s) pack whatever you need for lunch the next day. Let’s face it – you can’t eat out for lunch EVERY day. 

Shower at Night. 

Sure, showering in the morning will wake you up. Few things get you out of a dead slumber quite like cold water. But if you really want to make your morning routine shorter, try switching your showering routine to the evening. It lets you skip that entire step in the morning which is a HUGE time saver. Imagine how much sleep you can get when you don’t have to shower before you leave…we’re sold on this one. 

Pre-Style Your Hair When You Can. 

Doing your hair is…a process. I get it ladies - we all want to look our best but styling our hair can take SO long. This is why I suggest pre-styling when and how you can. For example, if you curl your hair on the regular, try curling it at night. By styling your hair at night it cuts down on what you need to do in the morning. Sure you may need to touch it up a bit if you get a little bed head, but it’s not going to anywhere be near the time you spend from start-to--finish on a normal hair style. 

Organize Your Beauty Products.

Ladies, I’m not trying to call you out or anything (because guys are guilty of this sometimes, too) but it’s time to get our beauty products organized. Aren’t you tired of tearing your bathroom apart every morning trying to find what you want? Don’t fight it anymore. Get yourself some organizers so everything has a place and it’s easy to find. It’s going to save you time, frustration and have you really feeling like you have this whole adulting thing down pat. 

What are hour favorite tips and tricks to making your morning routine shorter?

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