10 Reasons Why You Should Live in New York at Least Once In Your Life.

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Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York. Anyone else hearing Alicia Keys in their head right now? There’s really no place on quite like NYC. Whether you’re adamantly chasing your dream to be a writer a la Carrie Bradshaw or just a foodie looking to find the best slice of pepperoni pizza (Prince St. Pizza gives me life, for the record), there are so many different reasons to live in the Big Apple at least once in your life.

Here are 10 reasons that New York City is undeniably incredible:

The Electric Energy.

New York has an energy you won’t experience anywhere else on the planet. You feel it the minute you step foot in the city or see the skyline. It’s like an instant energy boost at all times, without the Starbucks run. When I moved here almost six years ago, I knew there was something different about this city. It was electric, unexplainable, and magnetic. The Big City is filled with magic and you need to live here at least once in your life to really understand how beautiful the energy is.

All of the Food.

I mean, have you seen Pizza Rat? He was living his best foodie life and you most definitely can too. This city is home to some of the most talented chefs and famous restaurants in the world. It’s pretty much impossible to get bored with the food here because can find any type of cuisine you can imagine in any one of the five boroughs. The city is also full of the hottest food trends. Remember the cronut? What about the milk and cookies shot? Yep, you can thank NYC for those culinary masterpieces.

Everything is Right Outside of Your Door.

Seriously you can get anything - and I mean ANYTHING - you could ever want within walking distance in NYC. Everything you could ever want to hit “add to cart” on is just a quick subway ride away or can be delivered in no time – all without even owning a car.

There’s Never NOT Something Going On.

The city that never sleeps really never sleeps. Mind you, I’m essentially a grandma and love staying home as often as possible when I’m not on set, but I love that there is always something going on in New York. So much so, you’d be hard-pressed to find a time when something isn’t happening. I took the most amazing improv intensive through the Upright Citizens Brigade earlier this year and fell in love with seeing live improv shows which mostly happen anytime from 6pm to midnight!    

Experience Diversity In Its Truest Form. 

People come from all over the world to visit and live in New York, making it one of the most diverse places on the planet. Living here gives you a chance to meet people from different cultures, backgrounds and more. The best part about it? Because it’s such a melting pot everyone is really accepting of one another so you can be yourself and no one will bat an eye. 

Get Around the City in a New York Minute.

Whether you take the subway, a taxi or Uber it you can pretty much count on your mode of transportation being as fast as possible. Everyone has that go-go-go mentality because well, we’ve all got somewhere to be and we want to be there 5 minutes ago. 

Excel In Your Career.

Hey now! Hey now! This is what dreams are made in NYC. It’s a city filled with a lot of competition but even greater rewards. There are so many opportunities to take your career to the next level in the Big Apple. And you know what they say, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. 

Learn True Independence.

New Yorkers are known for their drive and tough skin, which are great qualities we can all use more of in our lives. The city is full of life lessons that can help you go from being afraid to take chances or being filled with doubt to “Thank you, next.” 

Unmatched Shopping. 

I couldn’t talk about New York without mentioning fashion. It’s the hub of fashion in the United States so naturally it has some of the best shopping you will ever find. 5th Avenue is known for its luxury shopping but you can find plenty of hidden gem boutiques scattered around the city who carry vintage or unique pieces you won’t see anywhere else.

Every Neighborhood Feels Like You’re in a New World.

The neighborhoods throughout the city all have their own aesthetic, so much so that it feels like you’re actually traveling to different cities. You can go from an old school Italian restaurant in Little Italy to being in the middle of Times Square in just a couple of minutes. I personally love the Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO area and could spend hours wandering the adorable streets (my dream is to one day live on Pineapple St.!)

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